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8 Pin 2 in 1 Programming Cable COM Port for Handheld Radio Kenwood TK-762 TK-762G TK-763 TK-763G TK-768 TK-768G TK-780

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1. Fast and stable data transfer

2. Work with Windows XP/Vista/Win7

3. Do all radio settings with one time edit

4. Easy to set up, no cable driver is needed

5. DB9 serial port , can work with both desktop and laptop


2in1 Programming cable for Kenwood radio KPG-4 KPG-22
RIBLESS design (RIB box not required)

For Kenwood handheld Radio :

KPG-22 TK-240, TK-250, TK-260, TK-260G, TK-270, TK-270G, TK-272G, TK-278, TK-278G, TK-340, TK-349, TK349, TK-350, TK-353, TK-360, TK-360G, TK-370, TK-370G, TK-372G, TK-373G, TK-378, TK-378G, TK-430, TK-431, TK-630, TK-730, TK-830, TK-2118, TK-3118, TK-2100, TK-3100, TK-3101, TK-2102, TK-2107, TK-3102, TK-3107

KPG-4 with RJ-11 6-pin microphone connector, including: TK-7102, TK-7108, TK-8102, TK-8108, TK-760, TK-760GK (read risk next paragraph), TK-762, TK-762G (VHF 8Ch), TK-768, TK-768G (VHF 128Ch), TK-780, TK-840, TK-840UF, TK-862, TK-862G (UHF 8Ch), TK-863G, TK-868, TK-868G (UHF 8Ch), TK-868G (UHF 128Ch)

TK-940, TK-941, TK-840, TK-752, TK-759, TK-852, TK-859, TK-715, TK-815, TK-740, TK-705D, TK-805D, TK-706D, TK-806D, TK-630, TK-730, TK-830, TK-709, TK-809, TK-840, TK-760, TK-860, TK-762, TK-862, TK-760G, TK-860G, TK-780, TK-880, TKR-750, TK-885, TK-980, TKR-900, TKR-850, TK-7102, TK-8102, TK-7108, TK-8108, TK-768, TK-868, TK-768G, TK-868G


programming cable;
USB driver CD for cable;
software not included.

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