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8 Pin Handheld Speaker Mic DTMF Keypad Microphone EMS-57 for Walkie Talkie Alinco DR-610 DRM-06 DR135 DR435

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1. Suitable DR-135/435 range

2. Fitted standard 8 pin type plug

3. Pocket include: 1 x Speaker Mic 8 pin

4. Built-in PTT and microphone is very handy

5. DTMF(Dual Tone Multi Frequency) function will open the radio's squelch only when it receives a DTMF code that matches one pre-programmed into your receiver. Each tranceiver is normally programmed with a unique code.


Our items are 100% New Brand.

The item is the replacement hand microphone with fitted DTMF keypad, and is fitted with the very popular standard 8 pin type plug. Has a really nice quality extra long lead too, Suitable for the DR-610/DRM-06 DR135/435 and variants, works with most 8 pin models.

DTMF keypad
Lock function
Up/down scan buttons
Fitted standard 8 pin type plug
Suitable DR-135/435 / DR610 and DRM-03/6 range

Pocket include:

1 x Speaker Mic 8 pin