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Battery Belt Clip with Screws for Kenwood TK-2160 TK-2360 TK-3178 TK-3170E

  • $11.15
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1. Package contains: Pack of 2

2. Easily mounted onto the back of all your batteries

3. Guaranteed to meet or exceed the original equipment manufacturers specifications.

4. Slides easily on the back of the batteryStrong - Durable - Reliable Plastic Housing

5. Compatible with: Kenwood TK-2360/3360,TK-2178/3178,TK-2160/3160,TK-3148,NX-220E,NX-220E2,NX-220E3,NX-320E,NX-320E2,NX-320E3,TK-2140E,TK-2170E,TK-2170E3,TK-2170M,TK-2360E,TK-2360M,TK-3140E,TK-3160E,TK-3160M ,TK-3170E,TK-3170E4,TK-3170E6,TK-3170M,TK-3360E,TK-3360M


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