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CB Radio Microphone Hand Speaker Mic for Walkie Talkie Two Way Radio 2 Pin Motorola

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1. HANDHELD MIC-- Easy to speak and hear without lifting your radio.

2. WATERPROOF-- Rainproof Design For Motorola 2Pin Walkie Talkie Radios Deviece

3. WITH BELT CLIP-- Allows you to talk and listen without removing the radio from the belt, case or charger.

4. PTT BUTTON-- Rotatable Clip in the back allows you clip the mic everywhere you want. Push-To-Talk button and microphone are located on the accessory for quick and easy use.

Compatible with :

* CLS Series: CLS446, CLS1110, CLS1410, CLS1413, CLS1450, CLS1450C, CLS1450CB, CLS1453CH

* XTN Series: XTN446, XTN500, XTN600

* XTNi Series: XTNi, XTNiD

* VL Series: VL50, VL130

* P100 Series: P140, P145, P160, P165, P180, P185

* CP Series: CP88, CP040, CP100, CP110, CP125, CP140, CP150, CP160, CP180, CP200, CP250, CP300

* DTR Series: DTR2430, DRT2450, DTR410, DTR450, DTR510, DTR550, DTR610, DTR650

* P Series: P10, P50, P50+, P040, P080, P100, P110, P200, P1225, P1225LS, PR400

* PRO Series: PRO1150, PRO2150, PRO3150

* XTN XV Series: XV1100, XV1400, XV2100, XV2600, XV4100

* XTN XU Series: XU1100, XU2100, XU2600, XU4100

* XTN AX Series: AXV5100, AXU4100

* Spirit Series: SV10, SV11, SV11D, SV21, SV12, SV22, SV22C, SU210, SU22, SU22C, SU220, Spirit, Spirit Pro, Spirit Pro+, Spirit HP10

* Spirit MU Series: MU11, MU11C, MU11CV, MU12, MU12C, MU12CV, MU21C, MU21CV, MU22CVS, MU24CV, MU24CVS, MU24CVST

* Spirit MV Series: MV11, MV11C, MV11CV, MV12, MV12CV, MV21C, MV21CV, MV22, MV22CV, MV24CVS

* GP Series: GP63, GP68, GP88, GP88S, GP280, GP300, GP308, GP350, GP600, GP2000, GP2100, GP3188

* SP Series:SP10, SP21, SP50, SP50 Plus

* CT Series: CT150, CT250, CT450, CT450LS

* RDX Series: RDV-5100 RDV5100, RDV2020 RDV-2020, RDV2080D RDV-2080D, RDU2020 RDU-2020, RDU2080D, RDU-2080D, RDU4100, RDU-4100, RDU4160D,RDU-4160D

* Other Series: ECP100, EP450, AP10, AP50, AP73,PMR446, MagOne BPR40, AU1200, AV1200

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