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DC Power Cord Cable Cigarette Lighter Plug for Motorola Radios XPR4500 XPR5350 GM338 GM3688

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1. Using standard thickness makes the cable easy to stripping and cutting.

2. The cable have characteristic of resistance to acid,alkaline,oil and moistureproof,mould proof.

3. Safety fuse:The safety fuse on line can protect your radio from high pressure damage,safe and reliable all the time.

4. Tin-plated oxygen-free copper wire:Conductor use single or twisted,Tin plated copper and bare copper,makes it having stable performance and good anti-positive.

5. High Quality Cable:The cable use Poly FEP material,makes the mechanical,temperature resistance,insulation,flame retardancy are all better than current wire cable materials.

Compatible with :

* XPR-4300, XPR-4350, XPR-4380, XPR-4500, XPR-4550, XPR-4580, XPR-5350

* GM-300, GM-338, GM-3188, GM-3688

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