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Desk Rapid Charger for YAESU HandHeld Radios VX-8DR VX-8GR CD-41

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1. Drop-in Radio or just a spare battery.

2. Charges The FNB-101Li & FNB-102Li Batteries.

3. Desk Rapid Charger For VX-8DR & VX-8GR Series CD-41 of HandHeld Radios

4. Requires NC-86B or NC-72B AC Adapter or the Optional EDC-5B 12V Dc adapter

5. Desktop Rapid Charger For YAESU FT1DR, FT2DR, FT2DR, VX8DR, VX-8R, VX-8GR, VX-8E & VX-8DR.

Yaesu CD-41 Desk Charger for the FT1DR, FT2DR, FT2DR, VX8DR, VX-8GR, VX-8DR & VX-8R & "E" model Handheld Amateur Radios.
Requires the optional NC-86B or NC-72B Wall adapter, or for 12Vdc, the EDC-6 or EDC-5B 12V cord.

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