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N Male to UHF Male Straight RF Coaxial Adapter (2 Packs)

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1. Flat ports on each end protects from environmental hazards and creates a moisture barrier

2. This N male to UHF male is constructed with a nickel-plated brass body ensuring the most reliable connection

3. Used for WiFi, FM radio, radar, Bluetooth, GPS, base stations, antennas, PC/LAN, satellite telecommunications, and more!

4. Easily combine teo coaxial cables - perfect way to quickly change or extend the gender or connector type of any device that requires an N to UHF connection


Silver Tone Metal UHF Male to N Male Adapter Connector.

Used in all citizens band communication systems,CCTV,mobile radio equipment,ship to shore communications,landing systems and ground control apparatus.

Coax adapters are the perfect way to quickly change the gender or connector type on an already-terminated cable.

This nickel-plated coaxial adapter has an N male connector opposite a UHF male connector.


Connector A: UHF Male

Connector B: N Male Brass body Nickel-plated