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USB to Parallel Port Adapter USB to IEEE1284 CN36 Parallel Printer Cable Adapter for Printer

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  • Reconnect to an older printer with the USB 2.0 to Parallel Printer Adapter Cable. This black adapter connects older printers to computers, laptops and other USB-enabled devices. Designed to work with printers that feature a CEN36 connector. Designed for durability and a secure connection
  • USB to Parallel IEEE 1284 CN36 Printer Adapter Cable 2.8ft. length provides ample reach between devices for versatile home and office setups. Gain a solid connection with the USB 2.0 to Parallel Printer Adapter Cable.
  • usb to parallel printer cable allows you to attach your computer to any parallel printer Device thru the USB port and get faster Printing results.
  • Today's computers don't come with parallel ports. But they do have USB! With this adapter cable you can still use your older printers with your newer computer. Converts a printer's parallel port for use with a USB port. This was a perfect solution for old printer.This cable adapter is only compatible with 36-pin parallel
  • Compatible with Windows 95, 98,98SE,ME,2000 and Mac OS 8.6 or later Supports virtually any standard or IEEE 1284 parallel printer